Part 1 of a 70 part series where we evaluate an artist or group performing at this year’s Sasquatch Festival against meaningful to ridiculous criteria.

Today, we examine Owl City.

Owl City is the moniker of Adam Young, who is apparently a big MySpace sensation according to this article. He will play his electronica inspired pop music on the 1st day (Saturday) of Sasquatch.

MySpace Artist Page:
Pretty design, but when you try to play any music track all you get is “Song is not currently available” messages. Lame.

Wikipedia Presence:
What? No Wikipedia entry? So… why do I care about you?

Supervillain Criterion:
Strong candidate to become a Batman villain in the future with avian inspired getup. Could team up with the Penguin and become Gotham’s newest power couple, Owlguin.

Hunk Factor:
He has kind of a big nose, but I’d totally hit that. Not gonna lie. I think it’s his lovely long hair that makes him a winner.

Actual Musical Ability:
He really sounds like The Postal Service, but… is that Autotune I hear? Who the fuck does he think he is, Kanye West? The songs I can find on YouTube are pretty enough, but a bit too glossy and the lyrics are kinda boring.

Sasquatchability: Low.