Sloan recently released a new gorgiously shot video for Jay Ferguson’s fantastic “Witch’s Wand” single from their latest album, Parallel Play:

We are introduced to an cult in a rural farming community that, in the midst of a ceremony, is interrupted by a new crew that’s unearthed the group. The mystery and tension built up in the first half of the video is nicely broken by the goofy news crew in the second half (lead by Chris Murphy, who in real life has never met a microphone he’s never liked).

It’s good to see Sloan releasing a music video that’s not just a glorified band performance. That said, Sloan has yet to top themselves with their video for “The Good In Everyone” which is a shot for shot parody of the opening drug deal scene from Easy Rider:

(Personally, I think Andrew Scott should always wear a fake moustache, just like Mark Little.)