Part 3.14159265 of a 70 part series where we evaluate an artist or group performing at this year’s Sasquatch Festival against meaningful to ridiculous criteria.

Today, we examine Black Moth Super Rainbow.

BMSR (as the acronyms call them) are a psychedelic electronica band from Pittsburg. According to Wikipedia, they play a “Novatron”, which is code word for “you’ll be waiting half an hour for us to patch together all our many synth pads, drum machines, and bullshit instruments we found from the Sally Anne.”

They play the last day (Monday) at Sasquatch.

Band Name
Ok, I know what you’re thinking: “Black Moth Super Rainbow is an AWESOME band name!”. And yes, it is. But what if I told you if fate was different we could have been listening to “satanstompingcaterpillars” instead? That’s what the band was first called before they sold out. BMSR doesn’t seem so awesome a name anymore, does it?

As noted, like, a billion times on their MySpace page (ok, twice), the band cannot take anymore booking request through MySpace mail. This band is clearly bigger than Jesus.

Tobacco? Power Pill Fist? Iffernaut? Father Hummingbird? The Seven Fields of Aphelion? Dudes are trying too hard.

Actual Musical Ability
It reminds me a lot of Caribou, but with vocoder vocals (note to Owl City: vocoded vocals okay, autotuned vocals lame). Lots of squeaky keyboards, sharp synths, and drum machines. It’s dark but pretty catchy! Excellent headphone music.

But as a live act? There’s the question. Let’s review: little (no?) guitars, drum machines, low key and distorted vocals, and anonymous band members who will probably hide under their AA hoodies. Can they keep us on our feet for 45 minutes? Without us consuming acid?

Sasquatchability: High if we just want to chill out, low if we want to rock out.

Listen to music on their MySpace page, or download some tracks from their web site.