One of the bigger news stories of today is Gary Goodyear, the Minister of Science and Technology, refuses to answer whether or not he believes in Theory of Evolution.

Well, that’s not exactly true. Mr. Goodyear later stated he believes in the theory of evolution in so far as he understands the subject. Unfortuantely, he does not understand the subject.

(To add insult to injury, it should also be noted that Mr. Goodyear is a chiropractor. Chiropractic care, for those who aren’t familiar with the subject, is the art of feeding someone a placebo and getting them to pay big bucks for it. It’s is about as useful to your health as astrology is.)

Dan Gardner gets it right:

“Look, evolution is a cornerstone of modern science. It is under concerted assault from some quarters. Public understanding is low and ebbing.

This is a matter of enormous public concern. “

There is no place for a Minister of Science and Technology that does not believe in the scientific method. It would be, as Gardner points out, akin to having a “health minister [that] doesn’t believe HIV causes AIDS”.

A society that’s ignorant of the role and process of science is a society that makes poor choices. It’s a society that believes homeopathy, acupuncture and hypnosis are legitimate forms of medical treatment; a society that makes it possible for the Uri Gellar and Sylvia Brownes of this world to defraud people of their money; a society that buys $7,250 speaker cables believing they are worth the price; a society whose politicians pass bills that legitimize psuedoscience in science classrooms.

We need a Minister of Science and Technology that understands the Theory of Evolution, and can say “yes, I accept Evolution as scientific fact” without hedging and without hesitation. A government that provides anything less is a government that shows contempt for science and its role in society.