So remember David After Dentist? The cute video of the kid who was hopped up on drugs after visiting the dentist?

We all have childhood stories that our parents like to tell to embarrass us in front of our family and friends. Now, thanks to technology, our parents can share those embarrassing moments with 7 million other people in an efficient and distributed manner. Progress?

Sure it’s cute, but is it unfair to the child? Some people have labeled this as exploitation, a charge the father denies, claiming it was all just done in good fun. You have to give the father the benefit of the doubt though, right? It’s not like he could have foreseen the video becoming as huge of hit as it did.

Well take back the benefit of the doubt, for now you can buy the official “David After Dentist” t-shirt!

Er… shirts.

Yes, proudly wear such depressing existential questions like “Is this real life?”, “Is this gonna be forever?”, and everyone’s favourite, “Why is this happening to me?”, on an ugly as fuck t-shirt.


*le sigh*