This past weekend I did some volunteer work with Spencer Herbert. I basically stood on the street asking people as nicely as I could if they would take one minute of their time to tell us what they think are the most important issues facing people in our riding. I am not surprised or upset that most people do not care enough to stop to talk to political volunteers on the street. It was a very nice day, and there are many better ways to spend even one minute than talking to someone like me. What I hope people do find one minute for before the election on May 12, 2009, is to take some time to learn something about their local candidates.

Lots of people do not like the BC NDP. I do not really like them much myself. Even though I do not like the BC NDP I have volunteered a substantial amount of time to help Spencer Herbert get elected under the NDP banner. I have given my time, and will continue to give my time, to support Spencer Herbert because he is worth it, even if his party is not. I have not studied up on candidates in other BC ridings. I unfortunately only get to cast one ballot like everyone else so there is no real point in knowing the details of any candidates outside of Vancouver West End. I am sure though, that much like Spencer Herbert, there are many great candidates in many ridings running for parties that people have sworn they would never vote for.

Even if I do not want the NDP to win (I am not sure if I want them to win or not at this point) I am certain that I do want Spencer Herbert to win. I think that many voters are pretty well sick of both the Liberals and the NDP. If that is the case for you, why not take a good hard look at the actual people who want to be your representative. You might find that one candidate has a much deeper connection to your riding, or that one candidate has a much greater grasp of the issues that truly affect your riding. So many MLAs and candidates are just mouthpieces for their parties, but some truly understand the issues facing the people in their ridings. I think that Spencer Herbert does understand the issues of importance to most people in the West End. Take some time to learn about your local candidates, you might be surprised at what you learn