Yes, I realize that the post title really doesn’t make much sense. Just read on…

I think that Camera Obscura may have just released the perfect “spring” song.

I am really looking forward to this song popping up on my Ipod while I am wandering down a street somewhere on a nice sunny spring day. And preferably said street would have blooming cherry blossoms just to add to the effect.

Also, on a sort of (as it pertains to music) but not completely (as it has nothing to do with Camera Obscura or spring) related topic, one of the discs that I have had in high rotation lately is the “Dark was the Night” compilation. While browsing the 4AD Records youtube page, I came across  promotional videos for two of my favorite tracks of the album:

Tightrope – Yeasayer
Knotty Pine – Dirty Projectors and David Byrne

The videos provide a bit of back story behind the concept of the album and the individual tracks, as well as an acoustic jam/performance of each song. The video versions are quite different from the ones that appear on the album, but are quite interesting as they are presented in a behind the scenes fashion, with the artists working to create the final product.  If these tracks peak your interest at all, the album is definitely worth checking out. The track list is any indie rock fans dream come true, and proceeds go to a good cause.  You are making your ears happy, and doing a good deed in the process. Really, it’s a win/win!