So Sasquatch is 3 weeks away, and I’m only 4 parts into my 70 part series of posts! This won’t do at all, so instead let me burn through a bunch of artists on the lineup list today. These bands are the headliners, and probably need no introduction.

5. Kings of Leon
I don’t understand why people like this band at all. Brandon loves Because of the Times, but I thought it sounded like an abortion. Sasquatchability: Zilch.

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs:
Fever to Tell was an amazing album, but I haven’t really followed the band since outside of their singles. Still, although the band’s undoubtedly toned down their live show since their early days, this promises to be one of the more entertaining sets of the weekend. Sasquatchability: Must See.

7. The Decemberists:
Another band I haven’t followed for a couple of albums (since 2005’s Picaresque), but any band that can get an entire crowd singing along to a sea shanty is a keeper in my books. Let’s just hope they stick to the singles and don’t drag us down with their entire new album. Sasquatchability: High.

8. Animal Collective:
This used to be a band that would largely abandon their old work in favour of playing new songs live to their audiences, but lately they’ve been doing what I guess you’d call AnCo’s “Greatest Hits”. I don’t care if the everyone else abandons me for this set, it’s going to be awesome. Sasquatchability: 110%.

9. Jane’s Addiction:
Zzz. Sasquatchability: -1.

10. Nine Inch Nails:
I saw NIN play at the Pemberton Festival last year, and it actually was an interesting live show to watch. Not a big fan of the band, but I’d stay around to watch them. Sasquatchability: If others are sticking around, sure.