I went to the Top 40 Under 40 event this evening, Gordon Campbell presiding. (I wasn’t one of the top 40, just one of the plain people.) The event was billed as a non-partisan event for younger folk who were, if not politically engaged, engaged in their communities. Mostly it was just a bunch of downtown denizens eating nibbles and drinking wine. Nibbles were good. Wine was expensive. While the crowd was very well dressed, disconcertingly so at times, the overall impression was of good hair. The younger folk just know how to style.

Campbell spoke and spoke well. He is getting much better at it. He still gives the impression of being at least slightly veiled in phoniness, but I actually think that is just how his speaking persona comes across. At heart, I think his exhortations to get involved and make the world a better place were sincere. I did meet him afterward, but all I got was a “Hi Sam”. It was very wham bam thank you man. I wasn’t satisfied. A pretty blond ahead of me spoke for several minutes and she got a high-five.

It was my first look inside the new convention centre and aside from the dubious carpet, it is an attractive building. Doing it my way I would have preferred some more personality, but the convention planners are terrified of anything that isn’t corporate conventional. I attended some of the early public meetings on the convention centre, and the staff always emphasized the need for sameness so that the convention planners would know what to expect. But there is some creative use of dimension lumber inside and great views of the harbour.