Carl Wilson offers some thoughts on Russell Smith’s recent Globe and Mail article, “The hip game of mocking the hipsters“:

“I’m sure some of them are douchebags. But is getting dressed up to go dancing such a heinous and remarkable act?”

“I’m not particularly concerned to defend the hipster, in the sense of the class fragment vaguely gestured at there. But for any anti-hipster screed to qualify as anything but a full-on strawman-torching session providing a smokescreen for a riot of unprocessed anxieties, I’d like to find a writer able to identify, say, three so-called hipsters by name and provide some minimal grounding of generalizations in fact… If you actually ask almost anyone five or six questions, I bet they’d soon complicate the stereotype beyond recognition.”

(Secretly, my favourite part is when the comment thread inexplicably turns to the question of what the American analogue is to the Canadian Minister of Finance.)