Wow I haven’t posted anything in ages! Oh, fret not, dear readers, for I am still up to my cooking hijinks of which I shall regale you at a later point in time. However, in this post I wish to inform you of our household’s newest member: Ricky the Rickets Beta (Siamese Fighting) Fish!

Adding a fish to our intrepid number (currently four but soon to be three again – alas poor Johnny has become tainted with dreams of independence and enamoured by the West End) was always a plan along the road but, as master procrastinators, was a long time coming. Usually the idea would come up if we happened to be perambulating around the pet store in want of some other – more costly – animal companion. Common excuses for not getting a fish right away were: we needed to find a proper ‘tank’ (i.e. glass vase) big enough; we were tired that one day (used multiple times); we really didn’t feel like it today (see previous parentheses). Amazingly, once the first genuine excuse was resolved, the other excuses seemed pathetic to the point when on Sunday, July 26th of 2009, we ventured to find ourselves a fish!

(to be continued)